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February 11, 2019
For years, Californians regarded access to safe drinking water as a Third World problem.
No more.
About 1 million Californians can’t safely drink their tap water. Approximately 300 water systems in California currently have contamination issues ranging from arsenic to lead to uranium at levels that create severe health issues.
It’s a disgrace that demands immediate state action.
March 01, 2017
The office of Senator Bill Monning (D-Carmel) announced that the California State Senate passed Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR) 23 on Feb. 23, establishing California Wildlife Day. The resolution, introduced by Monning on Feb. 14, recognize the state’s diverse and unique ecosystem. The resolution now moves to the State Assembly.
February 13, 2017
A California state senator is taking another stab at introducing a law that would require sugary drink manufacturers to put a warning label on their products, the latest effort in the "War on Sugar."
Officials and public health advocates have heightened their criticism of sugar as a key contributor to health epidemics like obesity and diabetes, and California has become a major battleground in the fight against what they say is excessive sugar consumption.
January 26, 2017
The California bill would require CDL applicants to perform 30 hours of behind the wheel training before receiving their CDL.
California is considering a measure that would require 30 hours of driving for a Class A CDL and 15 hours for a Class B license.
January 24, 2017

SACRAMENTO — Just four days after the inauguration of President Donald Trump, California Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday delivered a rousing State of the State speech that asked Californians to persevere through uncertain times.

“California is not turning back. Not now, not ever,” he said to a standing ovation of lawmakers gathered in the Assembly chambers. “His truth is marching on.”

December 25, 2016

More than a year after the city of Paso Robles applied for state funding to break ground on its proposed $18 million tertiary sewage treatment plant, San Luis Obispo County’s two state representatives have stepped in to nudge water officials to sign the check.

Last week, second-term Democratic state Sen. Bill Monning of Carmel and newly elected Republican Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham of Templeton sent a joint letter to the State Water Resources Control Board’s Division of Financial Assistance, urging the agency to move the city’s funding application to the top of its list.

October 12, 2016

The opening ceremony for the California Central Coast Veterans Cemetery (CCCVC) drew a crowd of over 500 to the cemetery’s site at Seaside on Tuesday morning. The cemetery, located on 78 acres on the former Fort Ord Army Post, and is the state’s third Veterans cemetery.

October 11, 2016

The California Central Coast Veterans Cemetery was dedicated Tuesday in a solemn, yet celebratory, ceremony with hundreds in attendance including veterans, their families, dignitaries and the public.

“It’s something you do your best to express in words,” said Jimmy Panetta, master of ceremonies and capital campaign co-chair, about what he was feeling. “This is for all of us. It took everybody coming together to get this done and not just the community, but the entire Central Coast.”

September 29, 2016

Scientists are worried about the health of the Morro Bay Estuary because of a rapid decline in a plant considered to be at the base of the system's food chain.

Years ago there were hundreds of acres of healthy eelgrass and now there are fewer than 15.

Thursday, Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law a bill designed to help restore the eelgrass in Morro Bay and other coastal waters of the state.

September 16, 2016

Gov. Jerry Brown this week signed a Senate Bill that ensures that pet boarding facilities are safer for animals.

On Wednesday, Brown signed SB 945, a bill proposed by State Sen. Bill Monning that “provides pet boarding operators with clear guidance about the health and safety standards needed at their facilities, and provides consumers with protections against faulty and/or dangerous practices that may threaten their animals at these facilities.”