Senate District 17

SD 17 is based on nesting AD 29 and AD 35 and contains Santa Cruz and San Luis Obispo Counties in their entirety, as well as portions of Monterey and Santa Clara Counties. The cities include Santa Cruz, Watsonville, Gilroy, San Luis Obispo, Morgan Hill, Seaside, Paso Robles, Atascadero, Monterey, and several more smaller cities. A small portion of San Jose was included in this district to achieve population equality. The district is one of two Senate districts containing part of Monterey County and was drawn in part to comply with Voting Rights Act Section 5 requirements. The district links the western portion of Monterey County with areas to the south in a primarily coastal district. Strongly shared interests within the district include regional agricultural economies, coastal and open space preservation, and environmental protection. The Monterey Bay coastline is fully contained within the district. Additionally the southern portion of the district includes a major portion of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, which extends to Cambria in San Luis Obispo County. Similar to the adjacent Section 5 district, it was not able to be fully nested due to the need to meet the Voting Rights Act requirements.

Map of Senate District 17 (PDF)

Total Population 931,341100.00%
Hispanic 288,24630.95% NH
White 526,15856.49% NH
Black 18,3611.97% NH
American Indian and Alaska Native 3,7240.40% NH
Asian 64,4386.92% NH
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander 2,6520.28% NH
Some Other Race 2,1280.23% NH
2+ Races 25,6342.75%


Total Voting Age Population 724,67877.81%
Hispanic 190,44526.28% NH
White 444,08361.28% NH
Black 15,1422.09% NH
American Indian and Alaska Native 3,0890.43% NH
Asian 52,3907.23% NH
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander 2,0760.29% NH
Some Other Race 1,6260.22% NH
2+ Races 15,8272.18%


Housing Units 367,902100.00%
Occupied 329,79989.64%
Vacant 38,10310.36%


Monterey 190,27245.84%
San Luis Obispo 269,637100.00%
Santa Clara 209,05011.73%
Santa Cruz 262,382100.00%