Senate District 17 Disaster Resources

2024 Disaster Resources

Please pay attention to weather forecasts, emergency alerts, and instructions from local officials and avoid non-essential travel. Some ways to prepare before a natural disaster hits include:

  • Ensuring you have flashlights and extra batteries.
  • Charging electronic devices and keeping external batteries on hand.
  • Stocking an emergency supply kit for your home and vehicles.
  • Keeping your vehicle’s gas tank half-full or more.
  • Storing important documents and valuables in waterproof containers and moving them to the higher levels of your home.
  • Clearing out gutter and getting sand/sandbags if you home is prone to flooding.
  • Creating a physical list of emergency services and family contacts in case your electronic devices malfunction.

Sign up for Emergency Alerts for your respective County here:

Sandbag distribution sites by County:


Note: Page will be updated as more information is released by local, state and federal officials.