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Editorial, Sept. 13, 2015: It’s time for end-of-life option

September 13, 2015

The time to adopt carefully drafted end-of-life legislation has come.

The considerations surrounding proposed state legislation to allow certain terminally ill patients to request aid in dying are complex and emotional and require the most thoughtful and careful analysis and debate.

We feel the requirements have been met, and we endorse the bill’s signing by the governor.

Bill designed to give seniors more housing rights almost the law

September 11, 2015

State legislation sparked by a local man’s tussle with a Pacific Grove retirement facility to get back the deposit on his mother’s apartment is on its way to being law.

On Tuesday, the State Assembly passed SB475, legislation introduced by Sen. Bill Monning that would require — among other things — “continuing care retirement communities,” such as Forest Hill, to adhere to a timetable to repay a resident’s deposit for a unit after they’ve vacated it. It would also require that interest be paid on deposits until they’re returned.

State lawmakers pass End-of-Life Option Act

September 11, 2015

It might come down to pure emotion in real life, but in Sacramento, the right to end one's own life has been a political matter. 

Disputes over retirement apartment resales could result in new California law

September 07, 2015

SACRAMENTO -- After his wife died, Leon Stutzman moved to the Forest Hill Manor retirement community in Pacific Grove. The contract for his apartment required a hefty entrance fee, with the written provision that if he died or moved away, most of the deposit would be returned to his heirs within 90 days of the unit's resale.

Stutzman passed away in August 2011, but it took Forest Hill more than three years to find a buyer.

Bill Monning finesses the system to keep End-of-Life act moving

August 20, 2015

There came a moment in the days leading up to Jennifer Glass’ slow and awful death Aug. 11 that she awoke from what’s called palliative sedation, feeling like she was drowning.

California lawmakers revive assisted suicide bill

August 17, 2015

State lawmakers announced today they’ve resurrected legislation that would allow doctors to prescribe lethal medication to qualified, terminally ill Californians who request it.

The bill's backers will try to get it passed during the current special session on health spending. The Senate approved the measure in June but it then stalled in the Assembly Health Committee. During the special session a smaller health committee with different members will consider the bill. 

Monterey Herald: Editorial: Veterans cemetery a reality

March 15, 2015

Friday’s groundbreaking ceremony for the Central Coast Veterans Cemetery at the General Stilwell Community Center in Seaside marked a major landmark in the effort to construct what eventually will be a fitting tribute to the many veterans who have served our country.

The groundbreaking was for the first phase of the project, a 17-acre development that will include 5,000 columbarium niches, landscaping, a memorial walkway and supporting infrastructure. This first phase will be completed by July 2016.

Salinas Californian: Central Coast Veterans Cemetery ‘finally’ breaks ground

March 13, 2015

It may have taken nearly 25 years, but many Salinas-area veterans will finally have their dream come true after a groundbreaking celebration for the California Central Coast Veterans Cemetery took place Friday in Seaside.

The 78-acre cemetery on the former Fort Ord is expected to serve about 100,000 veterans and their spouses living in counties from Santa Clara to San Luis Obispo.

Santa Cruz Sentinel: Bill aims to educate big-rig drivers in wake of Highway 17 fatal crash

February 25, 2015

Trailing a big-rig crash in July that killed a 25-year-old Santa Cruz man on Highway 17, a new state bill aims to require more driving education for inexperienced truckers.

State Sen. Bill Monning, D-Carmel, said he introduced the bill Tuesday to help prevent crashes like the one that killed 25-year-old Daniel McGuire on July 10, 2014. A truck driver with about three months of experience said his brakes malfunctioned as he was descending Highway 17 near Lexington Reservoir in Los Gatos with a load of dirt. Bearing down on a line of stopped traffic, he tried to swerve in to a guardrail and damaged 10 vehicles, injured seven people and took McGuire’s life, according to the California Highway Patrol.

California 'right-to-die' bill proposed

January 20, 2015

Inspired by a Bay Area woman's highly publicized quest to end her grueling battle with cancer, lawmakers are renewing efforts to allow California's terminally ill greater choice over how and when they die.

On Wednesday, two Democratic state senators and the family of the late Brittany Maynard will unveil the End of Life Option Act, which allows doctors in California to prescribe a lethal dose of medications to terminally ill patients.