Governor Signs Monning/Cunningham Bill to Mitigate Impact of Diablo Canyon Closure

September 19, 2018
SACRAMENTO, CA – Today, Senator Bill Monning (D-Carmel) and Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham (R-San Luis Obispo) announced that Governor Jerry Brown has signed Senate Bill (SB) 1090.  The new law will mitigate the impact of the Diablo Canyon plant closure and has widespread support throughout the community. 
For years, Diablo Canyon has provided an emissions-free energy supply to consumers – making up 10 percent of the state’s energy portfolio.  Additionally, the plant contributes an estimated $1 billion to the economy and thousands of jobs. 
“I am extremely pleased that Governor Brown has signed SB 1090, especially given what this will mean to the community, the Diablo Canyon workforce, and the future of the region,” said Senator Monning.  “By fully implementing the Joint Proposal under the legislation, the region will have stability and security as the transition to the closure of Diablo Canyon moves forward.”
“This law will help cushion the blow to our local economy.  It will bring transitionary support for the families, jobs, government organizations and schools that rely on Diablo Canyon,” said Cunningham. “I am proud to have worked with Senator Monning to build a broad coalition of bipartisan support, and I am grateful to the Governor for signing it into law.”
SB 1090 requires the CPUC to approve elements of the Joint Proposal, as modified by the community impact mitigation settlement, which was submitted as part of the Diablo Canyon retirement application; to approve the community impact mitigation settlement of $85 million; to approve full funding of the $350 million employee retention program; and to manage its integrated resource plan to ensure that there is no increase of greenhouse gas emissions as a result of the retirement of Diablo Canyon. 
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