Senator Monning Authors Consumer Rights Legislation to Provide Control of Vehicle Data

March 18, 2014

 (SACRAMENTO, CA) – Today, Senator Bill Monning (D-Carmel) announced the introduction of consumer rights legislation that will provide vehicle owners control over the personal information generated by on-board computer technology systems found in connected cars.  The Consumer Car Information and Choice Act will require car buyers to be notified that their vehicle information is collected by automakers, and establish that consumers have the right to access this information and control with whom it is shared.

“Our cars are becoming mobile computers and while this technology provides benefits to consumers, it is imperative that there are basic safeguards in place to ensure consumers can decide who has access to their data,” said Monning.  “The modern connected car can greatly improve safety and enhance convenience, but it can also collect a driver’s personal information.  Senate Bill (SB) 994 will provide car owners with access, disclosure, and choice when it comes to their car’s personal information.”

Today consumers can purchase vehicles that contain complex infotainment systems, navigational programs, and computing technologies that can track vehicle diagnostics, location, and even driving habits.  Known as “connected cars,” these cars generate and transmit massive amounts of data, and will make up one in five cars sold this year.  

SB 994 will require that car buyers are informed about the type and breadth of information their vehicle generates, stores, and transmits, and requires that consumers have access the this information, as well as the ability to transmit this information to a third party of their choosing.  Also, the bill will establish safeguards to ensure that access and control of the information rightfully belongs to the consumer.