2019-20 Legislation

Health Legislation

Senate Bill (SB) 347 – Requires all sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) sold in California that contain at least 75 calories per 12 fluid ounces to possess a health -warning label.  The label would provide science-based health information about the harmful effects of consuming sugary drinks, such as sodas, teas, energy drinks, and sweetened sports-drinks, and allow consumers to make healthful beverage decisions. 

(Status:  Assembly Committee on Health)


SB 407 - Prohibits the practice of embedding non-medical innovative benefits into the body of a standard Medigap plan, which maintains the original federal intent of standardized Medigap benefit plans to cover Medicare’s out-of-pocket costs.

(Status:  Assembly Committee on Health)


Environmental Legislation

SB 200 – Establishes the Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund and creates a framework for the State Water Resources Control Board to receive, administer and distribute revenue in a responsible, cost-effective manner that prioritizes solutions for those most impacted by unsafe and unaffordable drinking water.

(Status:  Assembly Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials)


Local Government Legislation

SB 189 - Narrows the jurisdictional oversight of the Fort Ord Reuse Authority (FORA) Board, as well as reduces the number of Board members from 13 to five.  The Board will continue to collect revenues and execute the FORA Transition Plan until June 30, 2022, when the Board will sunset.  The bill also clarifies that the change in governance through the Transition Plan does not cause a foreseeable environmental impact.

(Status: Assembly Committee on Local Government)


Education Legislation

SB 467 - Requires the California State University, and requests the University of California, to place accurate and comprehensive cost-of-attendance information for prospective students on their internet websites.

(Status:  Assembly Committee on Appropriations)

Criminal Justice Reform


SB 433 - Establishes a 3-year pilot program under the California Department of Social Services that will provide grants for three to five California counties to establish an Office of Youth Development and Diversion.

(Status:  Senate Committee on Appropriations)


Consumer Legislation

SB 311 - Clarifies that notary documents used in California are required to contain a consumer warning about the effect of a notary’s seal, unless the notary documents are used in establishing power of attorney under the “Organization of American States’ Protocol on Uniformity of Powers of Attorney Which are to be Utilized Abroad”.

(Status:  Senate Committee on Judiciary)


SB 391 - Clarifies the authority of a person employed as a Special Investigator by the Bureau of Household Goods and Services to issue a written notice to appear in court for misdemeanor violations whereby a peace officer may enforce or assist in the enforcement.

(Status:  Assembly Committee on Business and Professions)


Worker-Related Legislation

SB 645 - Limits depositions of dying mesothelioma and silicosis victims to 7 hours.  A court, in its discretion, may grant up to 3 additional hours upon request by defense counsel in the interests of fairness, as long as the health of the deponent does not appear endangered by the grant of additional time.  The bill requires a licensed physician to attest that the deponent suffers from mesothelioma or silicosis and that the deponent’s illness raises substantial medical doubt about the survival of the deponent beyond six months.

(Status:  Assembly Floor)


SB 688 - Allows the Labor Commissioner to assess unpaid contractual wages through a citation issued against an employer.

(Status:  Assembly Committee on Labor and Employment)


Transportation Legislation

SB 504 - Authorizes the California Transportation Commission (CTC) to relinquish a portion of State Route 1 to the City of Pismo Beach.  The relinquishment would be based upon terms and conditions the CTC finds to be in the best interests of the State of California.

(Status:  Assembly Committee on Transportation)


Agriculture Legislation

SB 657 - Allows a county agricultural commissioner, at the discretion of each county, to include cannabis in the annual county crop report as an addendum.

(Status:  Assembly Committee on Business and Professions)