2009-10 Legislation

AB 46 - Permits the Counties of Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, San Luis Obispo, and Santa Barbara to conduct separate post-election manual tallies of one percent of the polling place ballots and the vote by mail ballots for the June 8 statewide primary election as well as the special primary and run-off elections to fill the vacancy in Senate District 15.
Status: Chapter 28, Statutes of 2010

AB 278 -Authorizes the California Health and Human Services Agency, through its office of Health Information Integrity (CalOHii), to administer up to four demonstration projects a year for the purpose of evaluating solutions to facilitate a health information exchange that promotes quality of care, respects privacy and security of personal health records, and enhances stakeholder trust. AB 278 also authorizes California based health care entities to apply to CalOHii to be approved as a demonstration project participant. CalOHii is then to review the results of the demonstration projects and report to the Legislature no later than six months after the end of the projects.
Status: Chapter 227, Statutes of 2010

AB 1757 - Authorizes the Department of Veterans Affairs, in voluntary cooperation with the Board of Supervisors of the County of Monterey, the City of Seaside, the Fort Ord Reuse Authority, and local agencies, to design, develop and construct the California Central Coast Veterans Cemetery at Fort Ord. Additionally, the bill requires the Controller, upon appropriation by the Legislature, to transfer funds from the Endowment fund to the Operation fund for completion of the design, development and construction of the cemetery.
Status: Chapter 450, Statutes of 2010

AB 1791 - Allows local redevelopment agencies within the project area of the Fort Ord Base Reuse Plan to provide direct assistance to specified types of development under California's Community Redevelopment Law. Prior to establishing the project area, the redevelopment agency must adopt a resolution making specified findings.
Status: Vetoed

AB 1824 - Prohibits the use and sale of six chemicals commonly found in recreational vehicle toilet additives and would authorize the Department of Toxic Substance Control to adopt regulations when they identify additional chemicals that could undermine a sewage disposal system.
Status: Vetoed

AB 1881 - Amends Labor Code Section 1194.2 to provide for recovery of liquidated damages equal to twice the amount of wages unlawfully unpaid.
Status: Vetoed

AB 1894 - Clarifies the law for all judicial practitioners by putting all applicable provisions in one code. Under current law, peremptory challenges are statutorily proscribed in both the Code of Civil Procedure Section 170.6 and in Government Code Section 68616. The bill simplifies the law by deleting two conflicting time periods and establishing that an attorney has 15 days to file all peremptory challenges, thereby avoiding traps for unwary litigants.
Status: Chapter 131, Statutes of 2010

AB 1956 - Allows nonprofit organizations to transport dead carcasses for the purpose of providing food for free-ranging California condors. The nonprofit organization must be participating in a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Department of Fish and Game to promote the recovery of California condors.
Status: Vetoed

AB 2074 - Designates 920 acres of the Andrew Molera State Park to be part of the state wilderness system and authorizes the California Coastal Trail to be located, designed, constructed, or operated within the Andrew Molera State Wilderness Area.
Status: Held in the Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee

AB 2112 - Protects the confidentiality of physician prescribing data by prohibiting its use for commercial marketing purposes by companies selling prescribed products only.
Status: Held in the Assembly Committee on Health

AB 2179 – Grants, in trust to the cities of Santa Cruz and Long Beach, public trust land parcels that were acquired by the state in land exchanges approved by the State Lands Commission. This would allow the city of Santa Cruz and Long Beach to manage, as trustees, these newly acquired public trust lands in perpetuity.
Status: Chapter 377, Statutes of 2010

AB 2236 - Requires a bank or lending institution, as well as authorized agents working on their behalf, to include the contact information on all missed payment or past due notices sent to borrowers when a mortgage payment has not been made. The contact information must include a telephone number and address for the party or entity having the legal authority to renegotiate the existing terms and conditions included in the loan.
Status: Held in the Assembly Banking and Finance Committee

AB 2287- Requires the California Health and Human Services Agency (CHHSA) to direct the appropriate state departments within CHHSA to apply for federal grants, to develop a stronger evidence base of effective prevention programming, and to engage in preventive health activities. The CHHSA is also to direct the appropriate departments to make information regarding federal grant opportunities available to local government agencies, local public health departments, school districts, state and local non profit organizations, and Indian tribes through existing channels and by placing a link on each relevant department's Website. AB 2287 seeks to ensure California takes full advantage of the opportunities available through federal health care reform to improve state health programs and invest in preventive care and health education, with the goal of building, promoting and sustaining healthy communities.
Status: Held in the Senate Appropriations Committee

AB 2340 - Establishes that an employee may take up to three days off work, unpaid, following the death of a spouse, child, parent, sibling, grandparent, grandchild, domestic partner or child of a domestic partner. Provisions of the bill would not apply to an employee who is covered by a valid collective bargaining agreement that provides for bereavement leave and other specified working conditions.
Status: Vetoed

AB 2467 - Simplifies the process of applying for a vote-by-mail ballot by eliminating the existing requirement that the voter know and fill in specific dates when submitting the vote-by-mail ballot application.
Status: Chapter 683, Statutes of 2010

AB 2770 - Establishes a pilot program to investigate employment and payment practices within the swimming pool and spa construction industry. California has a enormous underground economy where workers are paid cash under the table, often in violation of minimum wage laws. The practice generates between $60 – $140 billion a year in unreported economic activity. AB 2770 requires the Employment Development Department, in consultation with the Franchise Tax Board, the Department of Justice, the Department of Insurance, the Labor and Development Agency, as well as industry representatives, to develop and implement a set of criteria that, if met by an employer, would trigger a recommendation for an audit or investigation by appropriate state tax authorities to determine if the employer is in violation of statutes relating to employee wages, hours, and working conditions.
Status: Vetoed

AB 2786 - Allows the California Department of Public Health (DPH) to modify the list of communicable diseases and conditions for which clinical labs must submit specimens to local public health laboratory to undergo further testing. Additionally, this bill allows DPH to modify the list at any time in consultation with the California Conference of Local Health Officers and the California Association of Public Health Laboratory Directors.
Status: Vetoed

AB 2787 - Establishes the Office of the California Health Ombudsman, governed by a chief executive officer known as the California Health Ombudsman. The Ombudsman would be charged with educating consumers about their health care coverage rights and responsibilities, assisting consumers with enrollment in health care coverage, and resolving problems with obtaining federal premium tax credits. Requires the Ombudsman, and the services provided by local consumer assistance programs under this bill, to be funded from a fee on health plans and health insurers.
Status: Held in the Senate Appropriations Committee

ACR 129 - Requests that the California Attorney General publicize optional protocols and three specified treaties to cities, counties, and state agencies, as well as prepare templates that local governments can use to report on human rights injustices that have occurred within their jurisdiction.
Status: Resolution Chapter 149, Statutes of 2010

AJR 32 - Requests the United States Congress and Secretary of State to place the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women as a high priority in order to accelerate its passage through the United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
Status: Resolution Chapter 61, Statutes of 2010

HR 23 - Urges the federal government to protect public health and the environment by calling on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to move quickly on its proposed plan announced last year to require the disclosure of inert ingredients in pesticides.
Status: Adopted by the Assembly