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Good Times Town Hall

September 14, 2010

Proposition 23 would suspend Assembly Bill (AB) 32, which helped establish California’s clean energy goals.  Who is behind Proposition 23, and what are your thoughts on it?

Two Texas oil companies are spending millions to push Proposition 23, a deceptive ballot measure that would eliminate California clean energy and air pollution control standards.


Good Times Town Hall

August 17, 2010

What are your thoughts on Proposition 21, which would assist in funding state parks if passed in the November General Election?

Proposition 21, the November 2, 2010 ballot measure, will establish a guaranteed funding source for the operation, maintenance, and capital improvements of the 278 state parks. This measure has my full support and I encourage everyone to support its passage. The proposition will give California vehicles free admission to any state park in exchange for an $18 vehicle license fee and is essential to preserving and protecting our park system.

Methyl Iodide—Unsafe at Any Speed

June 22, 2010

The decision of the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) to support the registration of the pesticide methyl iodide is irresponsible because its proposed mitigations will not avert potentially devastating health and environmental impacts. The proposed registration is misplaced in light of compelling evidence presented by the external scientific peer review committee commissioned by DPR. Once methyl iodide is approved, there will be no turning back from its dangerous and potentially lethal effects.

Good Times Town Hall

June 08, 2010

Public opinion has been heated about the governor’s decision to hold a special election to fill the 15th District senate seat, left vacant by now Lieutenant Governor Abel Maldonado. What are the problems with holding a rushed election?

The decision to hold a special election on June 22, and possibly a runoff on August 17, to fill the vacant 15th Senate District seat creates two significant problems.

Bill Monning: Governor does have alternatives to proposed cuts

May 23, 2010

Bill Monning

Gov. Schwarzenegger's May Revise of the 2010-11 budget represents a cynical attack on the most vulnerable people in California. In unveiling the May Revise, the governor stated the budget should be a reflection of what we value most. However, one wonders exactly what Gov. Schwarzenegger values after examining his final budget proposal.

Governor's May Revise: What Kind Of State Do We Want To Live In?

May 19, 2010

By: Assemblymember Bill Monning

Governor Schwarzenegger’s May Revise of the 2010-11 Budget represents a cynical attack on the most vulnerable people in California.  In unveiling the May Revise, the Governor stated the budget should be a reflection of what we value most.  However, one wonders exactly what Governor Schwarzenegger values after examining his final budget proposal.  

Bill Monning: Gulf Coast disaster shows true price of oil

May 09, 2010

Bill Monning

The rapidly spreading oil spill in Louisiana is an ecological disaster. It echoes the slow-motion disaster of global warming and reminds us of the true cost of our addiction to fossil fuels.

The damage from this spill is graphic and visible: 11 human lives lost and countless livelihoods endangered, sea turtles washing up on beaches, dolphins smothered by black crude. The damage from global warming is more insidious: polar bears starving, ice caps melting and coral reefs dying are easy to write off as isolated events. We need to connect the dots.

Town Hall with Assemblymember Bill Monning

May 05, 2010

You recently honored Santa Cruz resident Eda Lew Balsam at the State Assembly’s Holocaust Survivor Memorial event. What led to your selection of Ms. Balsam?

Good Times Town Hall

April 06, 2010

You were recently named chair of the Assembly Health Committee. What does the role entail, and what bills will the committee be taking up in the near future?

The Assembly Health Committee is one of the busiest in the legislature and one that will play a pivotal role in guiding California’s healthcare policies in light of the new federal law. Many questions remain about how to pay for the expansion of healthcare coverage, as well as how insurance exchanges will be managed, and as Committee Chair I look forward to helping shape the state’s healthcare policy.